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Alderley Edge, Mist 
Abandoned Farmstead Hut 
Bantham Cliff 
Bantham Rocks 
Beach, Thurlestone 1 
Beach, Thurlestone 2 
Beesands Steps 1 
Beesands Steps 2 
Bigbury Rocks 
Bowringsleigh Wood 
Burgh Island Dawn 
Cap Feret 1 
Cap Feret 2 
Cap Feret 3 
Cornish Rock 
Salcombe, Devon 
Dittisham Sunset 
Fence Post Eruption 
Formby Viewing Platform 
Blue Sea, France 
Glacier Lake 1 
Glacier Lake 2 
Grasmere Dawn 
HH Mist 1 
Gravel Waterway 
HH Mist 2 
HH Mist 3 
HH Mist 4 
Huts, Hope Cove 1 
Huts, Hope Cove 2 
Ice on Beach 
Lakeland Storm  
Kings Est Sunrise 
Lakes Boats 
Les Landes Beach 1 
Les Landes Beach 2 
Les Landes Dune 
Les Landes Jetty 1 
Les Landes Jetty 2 
Les Landes Jetty 3 
Les Landes Lac 1 
Les Landes Lac 2 
Les Landes Lighthouse 1 
Les Landes Lighthouse 2 
Les Landes Sea 
Lugger Bay  
Milton Sands 1 
Milton Sands 2 
Milton Sands 3 
Milton Sands 4 
Milton Sands Rock 
Milton Sands 
Batson Mist 
Nets Cree Estuary 
Prawle Point 
Reynisdrangur Beach 
Reynisfera Beach 
Rock Beach 1 
Rock Beach 2 
Rocks at Reynisfjara 1 
Rocks at Reynisfjara 2 
Saint Raphael Rocks 
Salcombe Est 
Salcombe Dawn 
Sea off Bolberry Down 
Sharansay Rocks 1 
Sharansay Rocks 2 
Sharansay Rocks 3 
Sharansay Rocks 4 
Skogafoss Falls 
South Milton Sands 1 
South Sands 
South Huish Church 
South Milton Sands 2 
South Milton Sands 3 
South Milton Sands 4 
Thurlestone Beach Rocks 

Matthew Velarde

Based predominantly in South Devon, Matthew Velarde draws great inspiration from the coastal waters and their skies, the beaches and bays and the landscapes that spill down into them. Happy to blur the line between the abstract, graphic and the figurative in what he sees in the places and spaces in the outdoor world around him.

All images are available to purchase in print format, mounted or framed. To enquire email or call Lorna on 07974 764806.