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Old Bicycle, Rome 
Hotel Capo Caccia, Sardinia 
Church Beggar, Rome 
Caffe Barroco, Roma 
Fiat 500, Rome 
Street Scene, Rome 
Busking at the Pantheon, Rome 
Relaxing, Rome 
Tourists, Piazza Navona 
Snack Bar, Rome 
Delivery Van, Rome 
Lovers, Rome 
Boutique Assistant, Rome 
Cigar Smoker, Roma 
Children Playing Football, Rome 
Vatican Postcards, Rome 
Fiat Panda, Rome 
Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Roma 
Boutique Salesman, Rome 
Lunchbreak, Rome 
Shopping Bike, Rome 
Dude, Rome 
Red Cinquecento, Rome 
Prayer Cushion, Rome 
Walking the Dogs, Rome 
Spiral Staircase, Vatican Museum 
Police Officer, Rome 
Mother Theresa, Rome 
Queuing in the Sun, Rome 
St Peter's Crowd, Vatican City 
St Peter's Doorway, Vatican City 
Vestibule Gate, St. Peter's 
Swiss Guard, St.Peter's 
St Peter's Gift Shop, Vatican City 
Swiss Guard, Vatican City 
Vatican Post 
Street Hawker, Vatican City 
Pilgrims, Vatican City 
Gelati Bibite, Rome 
Dog Walker, Rome 
Cinquecento in Rome 
Grape Harvest, Tuscany 
Grapes, Tuscany 
Waitresses, Tuscany 
San Gimignano Gossip 
San Giovanni Donkey, Lake Como 
Passenger Ferry, Lake Como 
Swimming Platform, Lake Como 
Riva on Lake Como, Italy 
Swan on Lake Como, Italy 
Pigeons, Lake Como 
Capo Caccia, Sardinia 


All images are available to purchase in print format, mounted or framed. Some images can also be licensed for web use and publishing. Print prices start from 49. To enquire email or call Lorna on 07974 764806.